Youth-Inclusive  Communities (YIC)


PROJECT: Youth-Inclusive  Communities (YIC)

SUPPORT: EuropeAid   

General objective of the project: The general objective of the action is to improve local governance through increased inclusiveness and social influence of young citizens in local democratic life.

To contribute to the result, the action has a goal to use the sustainable mechanism for the involvement  of  the young people in the process of creating public policies at the local level provided for in the Law on Youth Policy and Youth Participation.


SG1 – To help local authorities in the development and implementation of regulations and policies through the prism of youth, by strengthening the mechanism for youth participation;

SG2 – Building the capacities of basic youth SOs;

SG3 – To encourage dialogue and fight against discrimination and segregation.


A1 – Capacity building

A2 – Implementation of the Law on Youth Participation and Youth Policies at the local level

A3 – Index of social inclusion of young people at the local level

A4 – Support for local youth initiatives

A5 – Visibility and sharing of results.

The project is implemented among the following partners:

National Youth Council of Macedonia, the Local Community Development Foundation- Shtip, SPHERA – Bitola and Youth Empowerment Platform – Gostivar.

Time frame of the project:

The implementation of the project starts from 01.03.2022. and it will last until August 31, 2024.

Last modified: 26.08.2022