Legal support

Local Community Development Foundation provides legal support to civil society organizations that face legal problems that hinder their work and actions, as well as realization of a certain activity by which they achieve their goals.

The legal areas that is subject to the counseling and are relevant for the CSOs are:

  • Revision and improvement of internal acts of the organization (Statute, regulations, rules of procedure, policies and procedures);
  • The procedure of registration of associations and foundations and reporting statuary changes;
  • The obligations as an employer and safety and health at workplace;
  • Taxation;
  • Accounting and annual financial statements;
  • Intellectual property rights (copyrights);
  • Personal data protection;
  • The risks of the CSOs as organizers of events;
  • Contractual obligations with vendors and rights as a consumers of goods and services;
  • Free access to public information;
  • Referendum and other forms of direct participation of citizens in decision-making processes;
  • Legal mechanisms of influencing legislation and policy making;


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