SMART Balkans – Civil society for connected Western Balkans


Project: SMART Balkans – Civil Society for Connected Western Balkans

Support: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The mission of the Local Community Development Foundation – Shtip is effective participation of the citizens in the creation of public policies and their consistent implementation, mobilization and encouragement of citizens in solving problems in the community, support of young people and youth activism, development of philanthropy as well as development of the model of a social enterprise for the conversion of textile waste in the territory of the municipality of Shtip, and beyond. The foundation carries out a series of activities that are aligned with its mission and vision, including organizing public events, conducting research and analysis, developing methodologies, hosting forums and debates, providing trainings, workshops and consultations on various topics… This project, in addition to financial support, gives LCDF the opportunity to improve its capacities, through customized training and mentoring support in order to multiply strategic influence and be a step closer to the sustainability of the organization, while also allowing it to focus on priorities users and at the same time pursue its mission, work towards achieving defined goals and have a significant impact in the areas of security and stability and/or management for even greater impact in the community.

Project goals:

• Improved citizen participation in the process of creating public policies and their implementation;

• Promoted model of the social enterprise for the reuse of textile waste;

• Strengthened internal capacities of LCDF.

Expected results:

• Proactive citizens in solving their local problems and needs;

• Informed citizens about the business opportunities offered by textile waste;

• Increased sales of products made out of textile waste;

• Adopted safety policy;

• Developed and put into function forms for collecting, storing and processing statistical data on the number and profile of LCDF users.

Anticipated activities:

• Meetings with local leaders and activists;

• Encouraging local actions and initiatives for community development;

• Monitoring and evaluation of the initiatives;

• Publish written and video contents about the social enterprise for the reuse of textile waste;

• Promotion of the products for sale through the online store – ZAEDNO with the LCDF FB page;

• Direct marketing;

• Workshop for introduction of safety policy;

• Workshop for developing forms for collecting, storing and processing statistical data on the number and profile of users of the LCDF;

• Adoption of safety policy by the Board of Directors and LCDF.

Implementation period: 25/01/2023 – 31/12/2024

Total budget: NOK 414,120.00

Contact person: Nevenka Longurova Girova


Phone number: +389 75 496 771

Last modified: 11.09.2023