Consultations, Training & Mentorship

Local Community Development Foundation provides consultation, training and mentorship for civil society organizations in order to support their organizational development and working programs.

At LCDF you can find support for the following issues:

  • Strategic planning
  • Accounting, financial and administrative work
  • Preparation of internal rules and procedures
  • Transparency and accountability of civil society organizations

LCDF provides tailor-made training for individuals or/and civil society organizations in the following area:

  • Preparation of project proposal and project cycle management
  • Specialized training for management of EU funded projects
  • Research, lobbying & advocacy
  • Mechanisms for civic participation in public policy making and decision-making processes
  • Monitoring of public policies and public procurement
  • Philanthropy, fundraising and community mobilization
  • Communication skills and debate
  • Career counseling and employability soft-skills

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