Comprehensive, innovative, sustainable local growth and development, through a successful DIALOGUE BETWEEN THE AUTHORITIES AND THE CITIZENS. Joint creation of a vision for the future, in the direction of strategic work with a continuous, meaningful and inclusive approach to encourage sustainable local development, good local governance and creation of conditions for a more active, effective and innovative citizen’s role in the adoption and implementation of legal proposals and decisions.

Considering the current situation, it is quite clear that the community should make a huge effort in the direction of defining the most important directions necessary for successful development. „MAKE A DIFFERENCE” encourages citizens to take responsibility for their problems and use their knowledge, skills and social connections to create and implement solutions. Direct community work will help stakeholders get to know each other better, understand each other’s needs and priorities and build a common basis for cooperation and development. Local Community Development Foundation Shtip, as an intermediary partner of the stakeholders, enables the effective creation of public policies, the establishment of partnerships, the introduction and practice of innovative mechanisms of participation, mechanisms for community involvement and fundraising.

 The project will result in addressed and solved community problems; increased number of partnerships; an established system for development at the local level; Strengthened capacities in the community; greater involvement of citizens and vulnerable groups; Improved political accountability and transparency in local communities; raised community awareness of self-reliance.

General objective of the project: To improve the environment for community-led development.

Objective 1 – Local stakeholders working together to lead local development.

Expected results:

– increased capacity of local stakeholders to reach out to citizens and engage other stakeholders, as well as establish connections with opportunities for local funding;

– increased number of local partnerships between local stakeholders;

– strengthened engagement of citizens at local level and establishment of locally led development in selected communities.

Objective 2 – Local stakeholders mobilize/using resources to address development priorities that will benefit the community.

Expected results:

-increased engagement of local actors in identifying and prioritizing community problems and opportunities (IE pollution, public health, lack of job opportunities, migration, providing social services, local economic development, etc.) and

– improved mobilization of local stakeholders and resources to design and implement local solutions to solve community problems or take advantage of development opportunities.

Objective 3 – To develop sustainable models that could be replicated and scaled up.

Expected result:

– Effective replication of sustainable local development models in other communities and regions.

Key activities:

– establishment of an operational Community College;

– establishment of an operational Youth Bank;

– promotional campaign,

– capacity building of local actors;

– supporting citizen-led initiatives for community development and community networking.

9 municipalities from the eastern region will establish a community-led sustainable development system; at least 90 problems in the local community will be solved; at least 150 ideas will be ready for implementation; a total of USD 1,500,000 worth of non-international donor resources will be mobilized for locally led development; 500 individuals will be involved in community mobilization: 100,000 people will be covered by the awareness campaign; of the total funds collected, at least 50% will be a monetary contribution; and at least 3000 citizens will be involved in volunteering in local initiatives.

Implementation period: 22.08.2022 to 20.08.2027

Last modified: 29.08.2023