Community Foundation



The community foundation Shtip :

  • Collecting donations from local donators (single individuals, businesses local government, diaspora etc.) and those donations are returned to the community financing the solutions for the problems that are priority;
  • Supplying support to the local donators and helping them to achieve their philanthropic goals;
  • Supporting solutions for community issues with prior consultations with the citizens and the donators.
  • As a leader the foundation is involved in wide variety of activities for partnerships in the community and serves as a catalysator, trigger and interrogator for resolving the issues and developing solutions for those issues.
  • Has open and transparent politics and practices for all aspects of its functioning.
  • It is responsible before the community through regular informing of the public for its goals, activities and financial status.

The community foundation is an organization that gives grants which:

  • Has a goal to improve the quality of life of the people living in
  • Are independent from control or influence from other organizations, government and donators.
  • Are distributed by the management board that reflects the community to which serves.


The management board of the community foundation Shtip made a decision for establishing the following funds:

  • Funds for children and youth
  • Fund for ennobling the environment
  • Named funds
  • The community foundation is open for suggestions and initiatives that can form new funds which can enable the solutions of the issues that are priority and the needs that can be identified by YOU the citizens.
  • Minimum funds needed for opening a foundation is a one average salary in the Republic of  North Macedonia.

A donator who wants to form a named foundation must donate a minimum of 300.000,00 MKD. The opening of the fund means that the named fund will carry the name of the donator. The donator himself if willing can  decide to which sector the funds will be targeted and can be involved in the process of decision making in deployment of funds in the named fund.

The funds from the fund will be deployed by the management board of the Community Foundation Shtip through grants of the local  citizen organizations and informal groups of citizens.



  • Education for mechanisms of donations ;
  • Adjustments of the donator’s interests in accordance with the needs of the community;
  • Exchange of knowledge for the community needs;
  • Offers expertise and administrative services for giving grants;
  • Helps in the establishment of personal legacies through named funds;
  • Offers involvement through recommendations for the purpose of the donations;
  • Gives options for anonymous donations.

New approaches !

  • Local organization with local personnel and management board well established in the community.
  • Knows and follows the issues, possibilities, and the resources of the community.
  • Collects information and follows the local organizations and programs.
  • Targets grants and resources for appropriate areas.

Works on the development of community!

  • Works as a catalysator for the community;
  • Creates legacies in order to secure continuity of the grants for support of the community.
  • Supports initiatives of great influence for the community.
  • Triggers development of new organizations and programs.
  • Diverts funds according to changed needs of the community.

Community foundation-SHTIP, 2008.

Community foundation-SHTIP, 2009.


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