The creativity of young people and their energy to change the future is good, but they will never get there if we don’t listen to them now! They live their future now – not in the future!

Young people can see what is missing in their municipality and what they need, they are able to shape solutions, but they lack guidance, resources, support and a team. THEIR VOICE should be heard, in order to implement their solutions, collect funds, network with each other, build a team, monitor and evaluate, to make a positive change in society, through the growth of their self-confidence, responsibility, change in the perception of self and community!

“Youth Bank” is a mechanism for developing skills, where they will effectively acquire knowledge and skills for successful implementation of initiatives, fundraising, informing and mobilizing the community to shape and solve current local problems. Through it, the responsibility of young people to be leaders of change will be encouraged, they will take meaningful youth participation as leaders, influencers, service providers, researchers and peer educators at every level. “Youth Bank” as a transparent mechanism, open to all interested citizens, is an open door to a direct change in the perception of young people about their environment and a change in the perception of the system towards young people, thus enabling the inclusion of young people in the creation of public policies local level combined with philanthropy.

Golden rules of the Youth Bank:


     Open to all young people;

     Participation and inclusion;

     Promoting understanding and respect for differences;

     Clear and fair methods for awarding grants;

     Tell it like it is;

     Developing skills and experience of young people;

     Reflection and evaluation;

     and Celebration.

Youth Bank is an innovative concept led by young people that encourages young people to become active citizens who lead positive changes in the community, be part of it, apply to:, , on phone: +389 75 496 778 or on the following link – Call for MB members!

Last modified: 31.08.2023