Shtip and Kochani are running, not walking towards changes for the development of the community!


On April 30, 2023, in the center of Shtip, the first city race on a flat track was held – Superior runs!

On the day of the run, hundreds of people from the city, state and abroad, together with over 150 volunteers from various companies and organizations, gathered at the first biggest annual sport event in the municipality of Shtip, in the spirit and support of the community.

The day was filled with 5k and 10k track runs, but also a fun walk and fun activities for young people at the MladiHab park, in front of the cultural center “Atso Shopov”-Stip, where they played board games, won prizes and acquired good habits, making a difference with everyone of us, while also providing donations for community development!

The sport event, combined with running and donating/fundraising increased the awareness of community development by the citizens themselves and allowed them to collect a certain amount for the realization of the first proposed initiatives by the citizens:

• Adaptation and furnishing of a sensory room in OU “Tosho Arsov” – Shtip, for children with special needs, because they are fully included in education. Creating a new environment, a multi-sensory home, with a calming environment, where people with special educational needs will regain control over their emotions when they feel overstimulated and when they need time to rest. The required amount for the implementation of this initiative is 417,000 denars;

• Installation of smart/solar desks with libraries, on two locations in the central city area of the municipality of Shtip where young people who are synonymous for change, progress and future with their energy, creativity and enthusiasm for shaping and changing the world for the better, together they will explore, exchange ideas, network and feel happy where they belong. The required amount for the implementation of this initiative is 360,000 denars.

On May 28, 2023, in the center of Kocani, the second urban Rotary race took place – Rotary Run’23!

Over 270 competitors ran through the streets of Kocani on 5- and 10-kilometer trails in individual competition and 2.5-kilometer family competition on the same route, TOGETHER with a hundreds of active citizens, volunteers and passers-by, they supported two initiatives already proposed by the citizens:

• mapping of a bicycle path;

• equipping a youth center.

These increasingly popular spectacles to serve as an indicator of today’s social relations and of the broader cultural and ideological values that relate to the COMMUNITY.

To highlight “active citizens” who will fulfill their rights and obligations by caring for those who “need” it. Involvement in such events to be an example of the current trend for attracting attention for mass running for charity purposes.

From the events we can conclude that “community charities” are built from the interrelationships between philanthropic institutions, sports and individuals.

Both activities are within the framework of the “Make a Difference” project, which is implemented by the Local Community Development Foundation -Shtip, and is financed by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), with a period of realization: 22.08.2022 till 20.08.2027.

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Last modified: 11.09.2023