PROJECT: “LocalActiveMedia”

    SUPPORT: National Endowment for Democracy (NED)        

    GENERAL GOAL : To strengthen the  groups in the  local community from the eastern and southeastern regions of North Macedonia, with access and skills to create their own communication channel for access to the public sphere and to influence public policies at the local and state level.          


– To assess the knowledge, needs and preferences of local community groups in two regions of North Macedonia. Based on their involvement in the public sphere to develop a programming concept for a distinctive model of a community media platform that will produce and distribute content of interest to local communities and groups;

– To build and strengthen the capacities of non-governmental organizations at the local level, to create content and communication messages, respectively to influence local and country’s policies through a new community media platform.            


• Assesment of  the knowledge,  the needs and  the preferences of local community groups  in regards to  their communication rights;

• Developing the concept for a media platform of the local community;

• Developing training modules for groups of the community;

• Implementation of training modules with community groups and production of programming content for the community media platform;

• Development of the online community platform and publication of content produced by the community groups;


– Prepared assessment report, which will identify at least 20 topics and questions (indicators) that will be produced during the training. The assessment report will be published in electronic format and will be delivered to all local civil society organizations, local municipalities, media regulator, relevant ministries and all other relevant stakeholders.

– Developed program concept for the media platform to elaborate all relevant aspects for establishing and functioning of the platform: legal, technical, production, programming, and organizational issues, as well as vision, mission, thematic commitment, resources, and target audience of the platform (qualitative indicators).   

 – Developed a training module for the community media platform to incorporate different aspects necessary for building the communication skills of representatives of local civil society organizations: choosing relevant topics, writing effective and attractive news, writing stories for different media, respecting legal and ethical standards (qualitative indicators).

– Built and strengthened the capacities of local civil society organizations to create content and communication messages through their community media platform, with at least 20 stories produced on the #LocalActive community media platform.

–  Created Community media platform # LocalActive created, with at least 20 published stories and 4 radio shows broadcast on Student Radio.

THE TIME FRAME  for the implementation of the entire project is from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023, and the total budget is USD 75,000.00.

The “LocalActiveMedia” project is implemented in partnership with the “Local Community Development Foundation- Shtip” and the “Institute for Social Development Research, RESIS-Skopje”.

Contact person: Boris Sharkovski

E-mail: bsarkovski@frlz.org.mk

Phone: +389 75 496 772

Last modified: 26.08.2022