Gallery from the meeting with the civil society organizations from the east and southeast region, the occasion for it was the establishment of a new media platform of the „LocalActive“community.


On 15.09.2022, at the Mladi Hub premises, a meeting was held with the civil organizations from the east and southeast region of RSM, within the „LocalActive “project, that we are implementing it with the Institute for social development research RESIS from Skopje.

  At the meeting the discussion was about the improvement of access to public sphere and the acquirement of communication rights of the vulnerable categories of citizens, through initiation of development of a community media, that will represent a platform that the civil organizations from these regions will use for creating new channels for communication with their constituents and with the general public, who will get to know the work of the civil sector.

The project is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Foundation.

Last modified: 27.09.2022