Established training centre for skills for people of social risk


We have created model- a training centre for acquiring skills from the field of textile profession, where we target the socially vulnerable categories of citizens, to put it in another way people that are receiving social assistance, long-term unemployed citizens, single parents, people that lost their jobs due to the Covid 19 pandemic …, and in that way we are strengthening their capacities for getting better position on the labour market. With this appropriate strategy to lessen the social exclusion on the labour market, we are enabling profiling on professional personnel and acquiring skills for working with excluded groups from the labour market, with the aim: strengthening their work skills and skills for self-confidence and self-realization, and in itself to reduce the poverty through generating additional income. Through the training centre functioning we also reduce the quantity of textile waste from the municipality, because that same waste is used as a resource -raw material in making new products. With this whole process we encourage the development of social entrepreneurship and opening of new small businesses consequently compensating for the growing lack of workers in the textile industry, as a result of ageing of the population and reduced recruitment of new staff. 

This activity is within the framework of the project „ 4R(reduce, recycle, reuse and repurpose) “ -supported by FOSM.

Last modified: 19.10.2022