Advancement of the technological process for the utilization of textile waste


Project: Advancement of the technological process for the utilization of textile waste

Support: National Youth Council of Macedonia

 The long-term goal of this project is  organizing and managing of  a sustainable local mechanism for the transformation of textile waste that will lead to the creation of new products, market expansion, increasing the number of new jobs, increasing the employability of young people from vulnerable categories and opportunities for own business. Through the social enterprise, at least 50 young people, especially young people from vulnerable categories, will be involved in the process of making new products, but at the same time they will also receive mentoring support to strengthen their social and soft skills for greater competitiveness on the labor market.

Specific goals:

Strengthening the human and technical capacities of the social enterprise;

Advancement of the technological process of production of products with usage of textile waste;

Strengthening the competencies and capacities of young people from vulnerable categories;

Reducing youth unemployment through social entrepreneurship.

Main activities:

Technological advancement of the social enterprise;

Branding and development of new products;

Sales and promotions;

Support and mentoring.

Target group:

Young people at social risk;


Textile companies;

Citizens of Shtip.

Expected results:

Reduction of youth unemployment rate;

Strengthened capacities of  the employees in the social company;

Increased mobility of young people of vulnerable categories on the labor market;

Improved technological production process.

Implementation period: 12 months (04.10.2022-04.10.2023)

Total budget: USD 10,978

Contact person: Boris Sharkovski


Тел број: +389 32 383 116

Last modified: 10.02.2023